Why I run away from studies

Hello everyone, and welcome to another blog by my brother Nabhith.

I have a question for you, are you all ready to answer it? Ok, I think you all are ready to answer it. So my question is, which one of you run away from studies? It’s okay that your children run away from studies because I also run away from studies. I want you all to be honest because I am also being honest. Now that my question is over I am going to start my second blog. So here I go. You all better have fun reading it! Oh! How rude of me! I forgot to wish you a happy new year.

My mother says studies are as important as squash. I think it’s right but I still don’t study. I try to focus on my squash but sometimes my father says that I am not focusing on my squash as well as studies but I just ignore it. Even when I was not focusing on my studies I was doing really well in school. My teachers were proud of me but my parents were not that proud because I did not study. Whenever my mother used to go to the parent teacher meeting, my class teacher was always saying good things about me but my mother used to say, “Ma’am, Nabhith is not studying at home. Please tell him to study at home as well.” But my teacher always used to forget to tell me. Sometimes in my dreams I used to study for an hour or two.

One day my mother told me, “Tomorrow you will not go for squash. Rayansh will but you will come home and study.” I thought she was joking but she wasn’t. She did not let me go for squash. I was at home studying while my brother was playing squash and was having fun. I felt like crying. So now I try to study for some time every day and I go for squash as well.

I hope you all have fun reading it!

2 thoughts on “Why I run away from studies”

  1. Very Well drafted and executed so well. Amazing to know this was written by 7.5 years Old.

    GREAT! Keeping going, Looking forward to read more from you.


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