Are we too Dependent on Computers?

computer dependentToday, we are living in a fast paced digital world where technology is everything. From talking instantaneously with someone halfway around the world, to pinpointing your exact location to a few metres, all of it is done using technology. And towering above all others, computers are the pinnacle of modern engineering. They can solve complex problems like a piece of cake, and can do things our mind cannot even hope of accomplishing. You have probably heard of Google’s new quantum computer, which is 50,000 times faster than a supercomputer, but not that much bigger than your phone. However, amidst all this new tech, people have started asking one question: ‘Are we too dependent on Computers?’ And I’m here to answer that question.

For me, the answer is complete no. Sure they have all of our information and there are many viruses out there which can steal that info, but on the other hand, there are even more anti-virus protectors. Plus, can you even imagine a world without any computers? There would be no apps, no games and it would stop us from advancing any further as a species. There would be no way for us to solve those complex problems or automate any sort of machines. Also, satellites won’t be able to operate computers, and that will take away a great deal of our comforts. Like all of these, they are countless other things which will be rendered completely useless without computers.

So, in the end, we can conclude that they are many important things that need computers to function, and to cut our usage of computers would be a step backwards, in the wrong direction.


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