How Different People Take Victory and Defeat Differently

This weekend, I went for a squash tournament in Chandigarh in the Boys U13 category. It was hosted by the Squash Rackets Federation of India, and there were a lot of boys and girls outside the squash courts. As usual, there was a lot of energy. Some people were cheering for the players, while some were warming up or cooling down. The tournament was held at Khelshala in Sector 42B.

As I was waiting for my turn, somebody who had just lost his match stormed out of the court without even shaking hands with his opponent. And that got me thinking about how different people take victory and defeat differently.

Now if you think of it, there are many different ways in which people take victory and defeat. There are some people who get extremely upset and angry when they lose(like the person I mentioned above), and even quit playing the game. Imagine, only after a single defeat. These are the type of people that change their sports often.(Somebody really needs to tell them that consistency is a bitter plant but bears a sweet fruit! By the way, before you get too impressed with my vocabulary, let me tell you that just learnt this line last week in my school! Now these are the perks of paying attention!)

Another group of people just don’t care about it, and are almost indifferent to the result.(Yeah, I’ve seen these type of people as well!) They aren’t at all serious about playing properly, and just consider it a pastime. By the way, my younger brother, Nabhith is the perfect example in this category. After his match, his only concern is where are we going to eat!!! Is it pizza or burger?? Is it coke or ice tea?? Is it ice cream or cake?? There is these another set of people who use defeats to get to know their strong and weak points and try to become better instead of bitter. They are extremely passionate about playing and constantly want to improve their game. My parents vote me as an eligible candidate for that.

But that’s enough about the reactions of players who lose. What about ones that win? Well, again you’ll find many varieties over here as well. There are some who just run out of the court without acknowledging the loser and start dancing. (It is kind of amusing to see them celebrating.) Another boy that I met this time started behaving like a coach to other boys after he won his match. His non stop gyan was quite hilarious. .

Yes, I know it’s ok to have different reactions different times. We hear everyone say that people should not take extreme measures to celebrate victory or grieve defeat. In order to be successful, one must realize that defeat and victory is an essential part of any sport. You can’t always win and it is necessary that you learn from your defeats and improve upon them and so on………but we all are trying to learn and what can teach us better than SPORTS!

So friends wear your sport gear, start playing to start learning..

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