Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Percy Jackson is an energetic 12 year old New Yorker with dyslexia and ADHD. Just like any other person nearing his teens, he hates his homework and can’t seem to focus in class. But the real story begins on a school trip to a museum, where his maths teacher turns into an evil bat like creature and tries to kill him. Then, he accidently vaporizes her. Oops! I hope no one was looking! He discovers that his best friend is a goat from waist down, and his mother knew it all along. And finally, to cap it all, he is chased into a special camp by an ancient monster that was supposed be dead for 2000 years. Not exactly your idea of a ‘fun day’, is it? Over there, he learns that the Greek Gods are alive and kicking and he, Percy Jackson, is a demigod; half-human and half-god.

At camp, he finds something that he hasn’t for a long time, a place where he fits into. However, that can only be true for so long once it has been found out which god fathered Percy. Attacks begin on camp. He is ignored by almost everybody. But worst of all, he has been accused of something that he has not stolen, that too by the most powerful God of them all. Now he has 10 days to find and return it to prevent all-out war between the gods, a war that will make World War II look like a kiddie water balloon fight. Along the way, he meets true and false friends and even some gods. But there’s one thing that he could very well do without – monsters. But it doesn’t seem as if luck is on his side, because he happens to meet them at almost every other step, that too the most cunning and evil of them.

Whenever I’m reading this book, it always makes me wonder whether these type of worlds exist or not, and a lot of the times it becomes my fondest wish to be one of the characters in the book and live in a realm of Gods and monsters, with the threat of death being ever-present. Going on dangerous quests with my friends or thwarting the plans of an evil mastermind really sounds like a lot of fun to me. (Unless I get killed … which sounds way less enjoyable)

If given the chance, I would like to be the son of Poseidon, the Sea God. Sure, they are other gods which are more powerful, but they are all either arrogant or evil. Also, it would mean that I’ll be able to breathe underwater and control all the oceans(which cover more than 70% of Earth), and that would be super cool. Let me tell you something interesting: Whenever I’m swimming in a pool or at the beach, I always imagine the water rising up because of my thoughts, and hope that I’ll be able to control it, but without any luck.(As you might have guessed.)

Now let’s exit my world of imagination and come back to reality. I’ve read the series several times and still enjoy it. They are full of adventure and because of them, I’ve become pretty interested in Greek myths. With lovable heroes, detestable villains, action, adventure, fun and vengeance, what more could you ask for? Look out Harry Potter, because Percy Jackson could totally leave you in the dust.

Rick Riordan is by far the best author that I have ever read. He manages to keep the readers hooked onto every word, and also adds the fun factor. This book is a must-read for young children. I’m giving it 5/5!

How Different People Take Victory and Defeat Differently

This weekend, I went for a squash tournament in Chandigarh in the Boys U13 category. It was hosted by the Squash Rackets Federation of India, and there were a lot of boys and girls outside the squash courts. As usual, there was a lot of energy. Some people were cheering for the players, while some were warming up or cooling down. The tournament was held at Khelshala in Sector 42B.

As I was waiting for my turn, somebody who had just lost his match stormed out of the court without even shaking hands with his opponent. And that got me thinking about how different people take victory and defeat differently.

Now if you think of it, there are many different ways in which people take victory and defeat. There are some people who get extremely upset and angry when they lose(like the person I mentioned above), and even quit playing the game. Imagine, only after a single defeat. These are the type of people that change their sports often.(Somebody really needs to tell them that consistency is a bitter plant but bears a sweet fruit! By the way, before you get too impressed with my vocabulary, let me tell you that just learnt this line last week in my school! Now these are the perks of paying attention!)

Another group of people just don’t care about it, and are almost indifferent to the result.(Yeah, I’ve seen these type of people as well!) They aren’t at all serious about playing properly, and just consider it a pastime. By the way, my younger brother, Nabhith is the perfect example in this category. After his match, his only concern is where are we going to eat!!! Is it pizza or burger?? Is it coke or ice tea?? Is it ice cream or cake?? There is these another set of people who use defeats to get to know their strong and weak points and try to become better instead of bitter. They are extremely passionate about playing and constantly want to improve their game. My parents vote me as an eligible candidate for that.

But that’s enough about the reactions of players who lose. What about ones that win? Well, again you’ll find many varieties over here as well. There are some who just run out of the court without acknowledging the loser and start dancing. (It is kind of amusing to see them celebrating.) Another boy that I met this time started behaving like a coach to other boys after he won his match. His non stop gyan was quite hilarious. .

Yes, I know it’s ok to have different reactions different times. We hear everyone say that people should not take extreme measures to celebrate victory or grieve defeat. In order to be successful, one must realize that defeat and victory is an essential part of any sport. You can’t always win and it is necessary that you learn from your defeats and improve upon them and so on………but we all are trying to learn and what can teach us better than SPORTS!

So friends wear your sport gear, start playing to start learning..

Ayodhya Case: India’s Longest Standing Dispute

If you live in India, there’s no way that you’ve not heard of the Ayodhya Temple dispute. Last Sunday, while eating breakfast with my family, my father asked me what I knew about the Ayodhya Temple dispute, whose judgement had just been passed that day. Intrigued, I looked it up on the internet, and honestly, I was baffled by the amount of information and politics behind the entire thing. I found out that the dispute was more than 70 years old! But, wait! For those you who are not aware of it, let me give you a brief history of the entire case.

At the centre of the argument is a mosque that was built in Ayodhya by the Muslims in the early 16th century, and then demolished by a mob of Hindus in 1992. Hindus believe that Ayodhya is the birthplace of Lord Ram, one of the most worshipped gods of Hindu religion. However, they say that the mosque was built on the remains of an old Hindu structure, and that is the exact spot where Lord Ram was born. Muslims say that they have been worshipping there for more than four centuries. Mosque? Temple? Mosque? Temple?  The two religions have gone to court many times without fruit, but last Saturday, the Supreme Court of India ruled that the location will be given to the Hindus to build a temple.

An interesting fact was how the infant deity, Ram Lalla Virajman was the first petitioner in the case. He was represented by his next ‘human’ friend, Triloki Nath Pandey. Bizarre, isn’t it? Imagine, we are looking for God in temples, and he is in a courtroom, fighting his case. I guess it’s true that God is everywhere! Also, as Ram Lalla Virajman is the infant Lord Rama, he was deemed a perpetual minor by the law.

Now, according to me, this is all a big row over a small thing. Although we are a secular country, the matter of demolishing a single temple or mosque or building one thing but not the other causes riots and unrest all across the country.

After reading and hearing so much about this, I support the decision of the Supreme Court. And that’s not because I’m a Hindu myself. The archaeological survey of India has already confirmed that the mosque was built on an old Hindu structure. Plus, it also holds a great amount of importance for the Hindus, being the birthplace of one of our Gods.

If we think about it, all religions say GOD IS ONE and it’s sad to see how we humans fight over it.

Are we too Dependent on Computers?

computer dependentToday, we are living in a fast paced digital world where technology is everything. From talking instantaneously with someone halfway around the world, to pinpointing your exact location to a few metres, all of it is done using technology. And towering above all others, computers are the pinnacle of modern engineering. They can solve complex problems like a piece of cake, and can do things our mind cannot even hope of accomplishing. You have probably heard of Google’s new quantum computer, which is 50,000 times faster than a supercomputer, but not that much bigger than your phone. However, amidst all this new tech, people have started asking one question: ‘Are we too dependent on Computers?’ And I’m here to answer that question.

For me, the answer is complete no. Sure they have all of our information and there are many viruses out there which can steal that info, but on the other hand, there are even more anti-virus protectors. Plus, can you even imagine a world without any computers? There would be no apps, no games and it would stop us from advancing any further as a species. There would be no way for us to solve those complex problems or automate any sort of machines. Also, satellites won’t be able to operate computers, and that will take away a great deal of our comforts. Like all of these, they are countless other things which will be rendered completely useless without computers.

So, in the end, we can conclude that they are many important things that need computers to function, and to cut our usage of computers would be a step backwards, in the wrong direction.


The Adventures of Tintin – Book Review

adventures of tintin

Hello everyone! Guess what! I’m back! And from now on, I’m going to try wearing the hat of a book critic, which means that I am going to read books for myself and write reviews for all you inquisitive people. So if you ever want me to talk about a special book, just let me know! This is going to be a good platform for our darling parents who are always in search of books for their children to read and also a place where children can read another child’s point of view (In this case, it’s me, Rayansh Gupta, 11 years old.)on a book and then decide for themselves.

Today, for my first review, I am going to pick a book that your parents and grandparents must have read when they were your age. That’s right! I am going to talk about The Adventures of Tintin by Hergé. This book has also been turned into an animated action and adventure series by Prime Video. But folks, don’t get tempted to watch it online. YOU MUST READ.

We have all heard about the adventurous Tintin, his faithful dog Snowy, the whisky-drinking captain Haddock, partially deaf Professor Calculus, and the extremely careless Thomson twins.  In this series, Tintin is a young reporter who always saves the day or manages to solve a tough mystery.  Preventing a king from being overthrown, rescuing a friend and foiling the plans of an international criminal will probably be what his weekly schedule looks like! He is always accompanied by his dog Snowy and Captain Haddock. This great book has you laughing out loud every time you turn a page.

In this series, my favorite characters are the Thomson twins. They are supposed to be world-renowned detectives, but I seriously wonder how they got that title. One of them has the habit of always correcting the other by saying “To be precise…”, and what he says always has you roaring with laughter. For example – “A Thomson looks death straight in the face.”   “To be precise, a Thomson with a straight face looks like death.”

I would recommend this book as it is very funny and interesting. It is suitable for children 9+ because of its slightly difficult words. I would rate it 4.5/5.j

You can buy it on Amazon ranging from Rs.300(paperback) for a single book to Rs.6000 for the entire series (23 books).


Why I run away from studies

Hello everyone, and welcome to another blog by my brother Nabhith.

I have a question for you, are you all ready to answer it? Ok, I think you all are ready to answer it. So my question is, which one of you run away from studies? It’s okay that your children run away from studies because I also run away from studies. I want you all to be honest because I am also being honest. Now that my question is over I am going to start my second blog. So here I go. You all better have fun reading it! Oh! How rude of me! I forgot to wish you a happy new year.

My mother says studies are as important as squash. I think it’s right but I still don’t study. I try to focus on my squash but sometimes my father says that I am not focusing on my squash as well as studies but I just ignore it. Even when I was not focusing on my studies I was doing really well in school. My teachers were proud of me but my parents were not that proud because I did not study. Whenever my mother used to go to the parent teacher meeting, my class teacher was always saying good things about me but my mother used to say, “Ma’am, Nabhith is not studying at home. Please tell him to study at home as well.” But my teacher always used to forget to tell me. Sometimes in my dreams I used to study for an hour or two.

One day my mother told me, “Tomorrow you will not go for squash. Rayansh will but you will come home and study.” I thought she was joking but she wasn’t. She did not let me go for squash. I was at home studying while my brother was playing squash and was having fun. I felt like crying. So now I try to study for some time every day and I go for squash as well.

I hope you all have fun reading it!

A New Writer

Happy New Year everyone!

Today, my younger brother, Nabhith Gupta is going to try his hand at blogging. He is just 7 years old! I hope you enjoy reading what he wrote!

Hello everyone. I am Nabhith Gupta.  Today I have started blogging. The year has come to an end, and I would like to tell you how 2018 was.

First, I want to tell you what my favourite thing in 2018 was. It was my trip to South Africa. On my birthday we went to Pumba Game Reserve. I would like to share with you a really funny thing that happened over there; when we were seeing animals we saw two lions that were lying on each other. Now I am going to tell you what I did in Gansbaai, which is also in South Africa. In Gansbaai, we did shark cage diving. When we were on the boat I was moving here and there beacause of the rocking motion of the boat. And a very funny thing happened while we were there; I lost my hiking shoes! I think I lost one of my shoes when we stopped to see a whale or a dolphin. I am not sure. And one of my shoes was so close to the door that when I opened the door the shoe fell out of the car. We went to Gansbaai because my father really wanted to do shark cage diving. Another awesome thing that happened in 2018 was that I started playing squash tournaments and I am currently ranked 85 in boys under 11. When we got to know our ranks our father took us to Radisson for Chinese, where we had dinner. So after I knew that my rank is 85, I was jumping here and there, and I told my parents that I don’t want to go to school because my rank is 85, but my parents said, ‘No, you have to go to school.’ Oh! I forgot to tell you that my father also used to play squash. And my brother’s rank is 57 in boys under 11. 2018 was awesome, and I hope 2019 would be the same. (Maybe a little better!) Happy New Year in advance!!!

Thank you and I hope you all enjoy reading it as it is my first blog.

31 December, 2018

Nabhith Gupta