HELLO! Thanks for reading and commenting (if you have) my first blog. In this one you will be reading about my experience on a TEDX talk which was held in DPS School, Chandigarh. Here it goes!

I entered the amazing 2-floor auditorium of D.P.S School, Chandigarh. We followed the famous quote by William Shakespeare:

“Better 3 hours too soon than a minute too late”

even though we were only 10 minutes soon! Everything in the auditorium was red and white, from the colour of the seats to the colour of the stage. Above us, I could see two gigantic projectors hanging from the ceiling. I then noticed that the stage was made of small wooden planks, no bigger than my finger. Encrusted on either side of it, there were two loudspeakers. We waited for a long time and finally a host came and started telling us about ted. The video he showed us was boring, and so was the first speech by an INTERPOL officer as he had a very strong accent. Even though the start was boring, the rest was fascinating enough to make up for it.  Next came MR. Arvind Tuli , a good speaker telling us about technology , how it has changed the world and how it will be of paramount importance in the future. He also used the term “UPGRADED MINDS” to refer to the future generation. Then came a dozen other speakers, out of which my favourite was Avirbhav Verma who performed a jugalbandi. At one point of time, he even created music on a suitcase as if it was a drum.

Mr. Sunil Verma described through examples the importance of 3 P’s— Patience, Positivity and Perseverance.  As we were short of time we skipped the videos (trust me, which was a great relief as I found them HIGHLY …….boring ) .Then came a dance performance which was simply spectacular. A team called Mukhtalif comprising of 3 young girls reciting poetry set a good example of confidence. During break we even got the opportunity to talk to them.

It was a heart touching experience for me, a 8 year old child. It didn’t actually touch the heart, …. but you know what I am talking about, right? So this is it. My second blog. Hope you find it interesting.



HELLO EVERYONE! Today I, Rayansh Gupta am going to enter the blogging world with my new, funny and interesting ideas. I was motivated to start blogging by my mother and a movie called Julie and Julia. It happened about a week ago, on a Sunday when I was busy lying on my bed, reading a book. Suddenly a loud, gentle knock came on the door. It was followed by my mother. She told me that she had an idea which, in her opinion was an interesting thing. Curios about it, I stopped reading and went to the couch to sit with her. She asked me if I wanted to start writing blogs. I confused the word blogs with the word blocks. I thought it was related to making things out of blocks. Still, I was determined to ask it from my mom. It turns out that it is an online thing in which you can write something and post it on the internet. Good thing I asked my mom about its actual meaning, don’t you think? I spent ages thinking on it and when my mother finally asked me whether I want to start blogging my reply was that I am still working on it. She also added that if I do not want to do it, it is totally fine. She told me that if I do not do it with my heart I will not be able to express myself properly. I think these words make a lot of sense, don’t you? I then realized that Mother’s Day is coming soon. So I thought why not give mom a surprise by writing and publishing my first blog on her special day? But shhhh! Do not tell my mother before 13th May, 2017(Mother’s Day), otherwise the surprise will get spoilt. The reason I am publishing this blog after Mother’s Day is because I had other plans on that day as well.

So, here it is ,my first blog aboard the internet. Hope you liked reading it.